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Account creation and login

This screen communicates with the API to log in the the user and get the config. Once this is done, the login will be remembered automatically. (If you clear your cookies/cache or recreate the app, you will need to login or create a new account again)

You will need to authenticate the app on login to Home Assistant using one of the users you have setup on Home Assistant.

Create Account

On your first run of the app, you will be presented with an account creation screen.

Account Creation Screen Screenshot

If you already have a user setup, click the Already have an account? button.

Once you have entered all this information, click Create Account and you will be automatically logged in.

There are 5 steps to creating a new account for a user.


The username you will use to login.


The password you will use to login.


Once you have created an account, and have logged in, your session will be saved automatically.

If you need to create a new account or your credentials have changed, Click the Create New Account button.

Enter your username and password you used previously and click Log In.

Account Login Screen Screenshot